Pak'n Save


Foodstuffs South Island Limited

Build Timeframe:

9 Months

Date Completed:


Significant Stats:

Single storey Supermarket with mezzanine offices and amenities. Constructed of concrete floor, precast concrete panels, gabion baskets, longrun steel, structural steel, extensive large glazing.

A self-serve petrol station was also part of the brief, with surrounding carpark, lighting and landscaping completing the project. All starting on a greenfields site.


Floor Area (m 2)


Height (m)


Manufacturing on site, four-part 70-metre long spine truss, which was lifted into place using three cranes.

At height of the project there were upwards of 80 tradesmen on-site, making for a very tight workspace.


The Supermarket finished on time as agreed with our client some 9 months earlier.

Proportion of Resources:

Robinson Construction delivered the Overall Project Management and the traditional Concrete, Carpentry and Finishing trades.

Using subcontractors for Structural Steel, Roofing, Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Fire Services, Joinery and Painting.

Key Personnel:

Nick Robinson (Project Manager / Site Manager)

Ray Meaclem (QS)

How Key Personnel Supported Success:

The client, consultants and contractor had a very good working relationship, resulting in success for all parties.

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