Marlborough District Council Library and Art Gallery


Marlborough District Council

Project Typology:

New Build

Build Timeframe:

31 Months

Date Completed:


Significant Stats:

Two storey community building with concrete floor, Comflor concrete first floor, structural steel columns, beams and stairs, precast panels and stairs, Rooflogic warmroof, curtainwall windows, clad in Ravenshield and perforated profiled iron.


Floor Area (m 2)


Height (m)


Tight timeframe, confined site in CBD. Being on a historic site in the centre of town, there were both contamination issues to work around as well as being aware of uncovering anything of historic significance during the excavation stage.

Being built during the Covid 19 Pandemic, sourcing of materials so that we can keep to programme has been of major concern. To avoid these procurement issues, a lot of materials have been ordered in advance and stored.


Being part of providing an amazing community hub for the people of Marlborough to enjoy for generations to come.

Handing over to meet the timeframes of both the Iwi dawn blessing, and the public opening date.

Proportion of Resources:

Robinson Construction delivered the Overall Project Management, and the traditional Concrete, Carpentry and Finishing trades.

Using subcontractors for Structural Steel, Comflor, Precast Panels, Bulk Concrete Placing, Roofing, Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical Services, Joinery and Painting, Data and security.

Key Personnel:

Nick Robinson (Project Manager)

Glyn Hughes (Site Manager)

Jodie Brick (Site Administration and QA)

Gareth Shawcross / Phil Robinson (QS)

How Key Personnel Supported Success:

Constant communication between contractor and consultants via fortnightly meetings, and correspondence through our Procore project management system kept us on track for delivering a successful build project.


Luke Van Velthooven, APL Properties Project Manager.


National Category Winner 2024 - Marlborough district library and gallery   Gold Award 2024 - Marlborough district library and gallery   Value Award 2024 - Marlborough district library and gallery

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