Mapua House

Perched atop a spectacular site in Mapua, this house features a vast array of materials from around the globe.  The floor and wall tiles, teak doors and teak flooring were all sourced in Bali, and provide a stunning rustic effect when coupled with the massive timber posts and beams milled straight from the original site. 

Dates: 2004 - 2005
Project Designer: Studio of Pacific Architecture
Type of Building: Residential
Size of Building: 400m2
Building Detail: Single storey, cedar shiplap exterior cladding, torchdown roofing, rough sawn pine tongue & groove ceilings, teak doors and flooring.
Challenges: The amount of timber used made the project labour intensive, but it was a straightforward build.
Mapua_House_Architect_Award_2009.jpg EvillHouse_Central_C_4D71BE.jpg

				Photographer: Paul McCredie