Yealands Winery

As subcontractor to Apollo Projects, Robinson Construction was the main construction contractor on this, the first 'green' winery to be built in New Zealand.  Set at Seaview, Marlborough, what looks like a space ship that has just landed is Peter Yealands' innovative winery, the first fully sustainable winery in New Zealand.  From the outside, the whole building is tucked under a massive curved roof; while the inside offices and cellar door feature timber sourced from the vineyard land itself.

Dates: Mid 2007 - Early 2009
Project Designer: (Lead design team) Apollo Projects
Type of Building: Industrial
Size of Building: 4000m2
Building Detail: Concrete floor, concrete tilt slab wall panels with Kingspan wall cladding and roofing.
Challenges: Exposed windy site.
IMG_5865_2_1_1.jpg IMG_5860_2_1_1.jpg