Wither Hills Winery

In 2006 the Master Builders Association recognised Robinson Construction's immense effort and success in delivering the Wither Hills project.  In recognition of the superb outcome of this commercial undertaking the company was awarded the prestigious New Zealand Master Builders Gold Award for a Retail and Commercial Project.
Dates: Nov 1999 - Mar 2006
Project Designer: Jazmax Architecture
Type of Building: Industrial
Size of Building: 4 storey, 3600m2 cellar door, 4000m2 working winery
Building Detail: Tilt panel construction, overclad with quarry stone and plaster.
Challenges: Many materials had to be ordered in advance from overseas;namely 120m2 of oak finishing timbers from America, in the right sizes and lengths for the whole project.  Roofing materials, Rien Zinc from France with a three month lead time.  Due to the lack of large cranes in Blenheim, we needed to organise the size of panels and loads to be lifted around the availability of the crane.
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