Marlborough Stadium 2000

Blenheim's Stadium, completed in 2000, is a fantastic sporting facility.  It includes the main stadium floor, with room for three basketball courts, annex storage space for equipment, separate gym, and a mezzanine floor with seating, function rooms and squash courts.  By incorporating the existing indoor swimming pool into the same complex, the Stadium is a hub for many local and national sporting events, as well as community functions such as trade fairs and school balls.

Dates: 1999 - 2000
Project Designer: Alan Reay Consultants / Warren & Mahoney
Type of Building: Commercial
Size of Building: 5000m2 + 1000m2 mezzanine
Building Detail: Two storey, tilt panel construction, long run iron roof, sprung timber floor in main stadium area. 
Challenges: The sheer size of the construction at the time was the main challenge.
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