Marlborough Lines Substations

Robinson Construction has built many substations for Marlborough Lines in recent years.  These vary from the traditional looking substations, to modern residential substations. 

The latter are located in residential areas and are designed to look like a house so that they blend in with their surroundings, but still contain transformer rooms and switchgear.  This is the case with the new substations in Murphys Rd and Redwood St Blenheim, completed in 2010.

Dates: Last ones completed 2010
Project Designer: Marlborough Lines
Type of Building: Commercial
Size of Building: Average 250m2
Building Detail: Concrete floor, tilt panel construction, long run iron roof, plaster over brick cladding.
Challenges: Confined working space, restricted area and restricted access for a commercial construction.
IMG_3335_1.jpg IMG_1098_1.JPG