Burger King Blenheim

With the announcement made mid January 2011, Robinson Construction started on site at the end of January by overseeing the demolition of the existing building. 

February 2011 - Construction of the new building started for Burger King straight after demolition was complete.  The photos below show the cleared site, with boxing and reinforcing underway ready for pouring the foundations.

March 2011 - The floor was poured, and the stuctural steel framing in place.  The first precast concrete tilt panels were in place.

May 2011 - On the inside the ceiling grids were in place, the building lined, gib-stopped and painted.  The exterior was also being painted, the carpark asphalt and line markings done, and gardens planted.

Robinson Construction handed the building over to the Burger King chain on 13th May, for installation of signage and branding, the finishing off details, and for their staff access.

The restaurant then opened to queues of eager Burger King customers before the end of May, ahead of their originally anticipated date of June 2011.

February 2011:
photo_1.jpg IMG_3039_1.JPG
IMG_3041_1.JPG IMG_3054_1.JPG
March 2011:
BK_Panels_2.JPG BK_Panels_3.JPG
BK__4.JPG BK_Mar_2011_1.JPG
May 2011:
BK_Interior_1.JPG BK_Almost_complete_1.JPG