Bunnings Warehouse

After a slow and boggy start during the 2011 winter, Blenheim's Bunnings Warehouse building located at the Westwood Business Park in Springlands is now complete and open.

With structural steel in place and the roof on, the first of four floor pours took place during October.  For that first pour it took 52 concrete truckloads, a VERY busy day! The three subsequent floor pours of about the same size took place during November.  The concrete finish was achieved with a drivable laser screed, rather than by hand.

October 2011: First Concrete Floor Pour
Bunnings Floor Pour1 Bunnings Floor Pour  2
Concrete pumping truck Laser screed
January 2012: Aerial Photos
Aerial   Site 1 Aerial Bunnings 2 1
Aerial photo showing closed in Bunnings store, carpark developed but not yet sealed, the internal roundabout taking shape, and the new large roundabout just before being incorported into State Highway 6. Aerial photo looking at the west side of the Bunnings store, the access road around the site and the carpark, prior to asphalt being laid.
March 2012:
  Nursery Shadesails IMG 1545
  Nursery security fencing and shadesails in place.
April 2012: Opening
Bunnings opened on schedule with a 'family day' for invited guests on 1st April, then to the public on Monday 2nd April 2012.