Design & Build

If you haven't built before, it can be a bit daunting trying to get all your questions answered and making the thousands of decisions along the way.  Thankfully, with the advent of the internet, information has become a lot more accessible.

We can help you along the way with budgetting, a design and build service, expert advice and regular meetings; and the following links will give you a start in the right direction.

We are happy for you to contact us for a chat about the possibilities that you have in mind. 

Getting Started

Do you have a set budget? 
Tender versus charge up contract? 
Resource and Building Consents? 
Construction timetable?  

Getting Plans Drawn

Choose a good architect that will encourage you to talk about what you like, and what you and your family need from your new home.   Collect ideas from magazines, brochures and websites, these will help you describe what you like.  Think ahead, to what your family will need in the future.  

Latest Trends

Working closely with many of New Zealand’s top Architects, Designers and Structural Engineers, Robinson Construction accommodates the many innovative ideas that can be incorporated into a building design. 
Advances in materials and techniques are changing constantly.  Robinson Construction also keep up to date on these changes through supplier information, industry publications and working closely with structural engineers to bring concept ideas to fruitition. 
One of Robinson Construction’s specialties is precast concrete construction.  Many of the precast innovations have been pioneered in New Zealand. 

You may want to incorporate energy efficiency, future proof and 'green' builidng.

Getting Consents


Managing the Building Process

You may want to do this yourself, but unless you have been involved before, it is likely that your Architect will do this on your behalf.  If you do want to be more involved, clients can be kept in the picture with regular scheduled meetings.  These can help with client questions and concerns before they arise, and keep the momentum of the project running smoothly.  If you want to have meetings with our construction team, just ask.
Residential construction projects have a ten year Master Build Guarantee included in the price.  This gets signed off at the end of the construction period, and sent to the home owner by Master Build Services.
Final Code of Compliance Sign-off on the project by Council is the responsibility of the owner or their agent (Architect or Consultant).  We can help with this if requested.
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