Our Guarantees, Safety & Equipment

New Home Guarantee

Robinson Construction has been a Registered Master Builder since 1969 and the company offers the RMB 10-year New Home Guarantee on residential construction.  We subscribe to the Total Quality Management philosophy.  RCL Quality Assurance Policy

Terms of Trade

All of the work that Robinson Construction undertakes is covered by the Construction Contracts Act 2002.  The type of contract that gets entered into is dependant on who is administering the contract (i.e. architect) and the specifications of the project.

Health & Safety

Occupational Safety and Health is a big part of the construction industry, and Robinson Construction have taken this legislation seriously.  A safety system is in place, which is included in the Operations Manual.  Robinson Construction Limited is a member of the Site Safe organisation.

Robinson Construction is committed to the ongoing improvement of our Health and Safety practices and culture, and to investing in training of all staff. 

RCL Health & Safety Policy



A large investment has been made in computerised contract administration and programming systems for efficient and accurate contract information. The Eclipse quantity surveying software is used for measuring and pricing contracts.

Plant and Equipment

Investment in equipment has also been made to the stage that Robinson Construction now hire very little additional equipment in the course of construction projects.

Plant includes a Hitachi KH500 crawler crane, heavy duty hydraulic lift platforms and smaller electric lift platforms, a hiab truck, concrete handling and finishing equipment, scaffolding, woodworking plant, along with the usual vans and utes.
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